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Arcane feeling

2008-07-22 05:22:01 by Hadar1989

yey first post :) , the more I try to right this thing down the more I realize how much I suck at expressing myself through writing, I'm gonna give it a shot anyways

Firstly for some good news, I Recently finished my last exam ever!
only some little projects and I'm free!! (for about 4 month, until I go to the army, shh)

So as I said, soon I'm gonna have loads of free time, and nothing planned to do.
my last game Arcane really did good as I expected and many people were asking for more, some are asking for a sequel and some for a multiplayer version.

Arcane Online: altough I tried messing around with some programs in order to see if Arcane Online will be possible, I don't believe it will be, since Arcane is a real time action game, and except for Stick Arena (which I can't play cause I lag! :X ) I have never seen anything similar.

Arcane 2: Many great reviews from you newgrounders got me some really cool ideas about it. If I will make Arcane2 The first thing I'm gonna do is improve the melee combat, making it more interesting than only mouse mashing, such as combos and maybe super attacks etc..
Maybe a wizard class would also be great.
But I must say that I hate people who milk their games by adding 2-3 features and making a 'whole new game' (not to name anybody) so I don't want to be like that too.

other projects? I have this really cool car engine game I started not so long ago and I don't know if I really want to continue it but thats an option. I also started looking in the bbs for a really good animator to work with but all I can find is people who overestimate their skills, so if your'e really good and have an idea about a game, I might give it a shot.

that's it for my plans!

maybe I should get a job. or something.


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2008-07-22 06:31:46

Glad you're making Arcane 2, you might want to touch up on the artwork though.
In the first game during cutscenes some peoples heads were oversized.
Also can you add, I don't know, maybe a melee, even if its weak to the bow, you can't kill people when they shove in a corner and you have a bow.


2008-07-22 06:40:39

i hope u make both if u can


2008-07-22 07:20:12

ur going into the army?for realz?harsh.anyway,yeah,be trapped in a corner with a bow kinda suckz,perhaps if a small knife can be equiped by bow wielders,like bow wielders can't wield large swords,Etc. maybe classes? what class you choose decides your armor,stats,and weapon. Rogue gets daggers,light armor,and high Dex,archer gets bow,medium armor,and high Dex stat,warrior gets sword,heavy armor,high Str stat,and wizard gets staff,light armor,and high Int stat. of course you get all this other stuff,but ya know,awesomeness.


2008-07-22 15:01:41

Cool maybe add something like a min-game feature :D

well u got one of those but more mini-games all u got is
Protect the king,
Paladin Mode
And Archer Mode

maybe add some more?


2008-08-02 17:03:18

Release your car engine code, its amazing.


Congrats on Arcane, I absolutely loved it.