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2008-08-08 04:23:43 by Hadar1989

Basically, I want to make a game similar to gta2,
The driving engine is this: ge=cargamedk7.swf
The artist will have to be someone who works hard, he will have to draw the whole city, the cars, the people etc...
I made 3 games, the last and most popular is Arcane:

the artist will have to be good!
profit 50-50


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2008-08-08 04:42:21

I'm interested. PM me if you want to see what I can do.


2008-08-08 05:01:06

This looks very interesting. PM me if you want an audition 'cos I'mma go watch TV now.


2008-08-08 05:31:15

Don't think I can do a whole city, but I can help with vehicles and pedestrians, I don't know how big this game is gonna be, but my advice is: look for more than 1 artist or it'll take you way to long (I guess) ;).
Anyway, I loved gta2, so I hope I can help, if interested I'll send you some examples of my drawing skills (my flash movies are not a good example of what I am really capable of)


2008-08-08 05:44:01

well those tire tracks look perfect


2008-08-08 06:22:19

I could Probably wip up a few quick car designs in PhotoShop or Flash if you want.


2008-08-08 07:41:24

The engine is looking great.

I'd be happy to help you out with the graphics. If you want to see some of my flash artwork and if interested, feel more than happy to PM me.


2008-08-08 08:19:02

Despite having fuck all evidence I can draw I would love to help you out with some graphics. PM if you need anything.


2008-08-08 08:57:45

Pretty nice!
im interested :o
but i dont know if im good enough XD


2008-08-08 09:37:27

Well, I'm not an artist, but I had lots of fun playing with the engine.


2008-08-08 11:43:06

wow nice engine


2008-08-08 12:51:27

That game plays and looks good so far. What sort of look are you going for? realistic, cartoony, what?


2008-08-08 17:08:46

this looks like a fun project! the driving example you gave is alot of fun! I don't know what kind of style you are looking for, but PM me or check out my deviantart site (link on my NG page) to see if my style suits your needs.


2008-08-08 18:36:17

I will think about it. I'm a good background artist.


2008-08-08 20:10:18

That purple car game is so agressive, if i can help, tell me. I love to draw.